About Us

Your friend with a truck

The Reliable Moving Company is a family owned and operated business. Our mission is to provide a moving experience that is affordable and seamlessly executed for our clients. Since we are a family owned and operated company we pride ourselves in making decisions based on what makes sense, what is moral, and most importantly what is ethical. Keeping our excellent reputation always comes first! Our team has over 15 years worth of moving experience combined and our goal is to pass that experience on to you through loyalty rewards and delivering an excellent customer experience.

Our company mission is built on four very important pillars:

The Customer Experience

How do we want to be treated by the companies we are doing business with? Doing what makes sense and what is right for each customer, often times companies lose sight of how critically important this is. The Reliable Moving Company is founded on the principal that if it does not make sense we are not going to do it! Seems like a very common sense item, but as Voltaire put it, “common sense is often not so common.”

We offer our The Reliable Guarantee. In addition we love to reward loyalty so our customers are entitled to our

Refer a Friend

program, which pays you a $25.00 gift card each time you refer a customer and we move them to their new destination! You can get started now by clicking the refer-a- friend link on the homepage!

Without your feedback we cannot grow, improve or reward our team members for a job well done! We appreciate when you take the time to leave feedback on our home page or through the BBB. Finally, you will always receive the proper communication throughout the moving process and a follow up call to ensure the quality we expect is the quality of service you receive. If at any time you feel otherwise please do not hesitate to contact us directly at  or at 856-472-9504.

Our Team Members

The Reliable Moving Company is an equal opportunity employer and strongly believe in treating our employees as great as we treat our customers. We enjoy making sure our team members maintain a great quality of work life balance, to the point where we have built in time for exercise and keeping up with their health, during the work day. Since we are a family owned and operated company, all of us have children and understand how fast the time can go, making sure our team members are provided with proper the time to rest and be with their family during the holidays is non-negotiable. We like to maintain a high level of team member engagement through further education and training around customer service delivery and quality control execution. We have a great team of people and they will always deliver up to your expectations.

Operational Soundness

Managing and maintain an operationally sound company is the foundation that allows us to provide low cost moving services to our customers. In being organized, time and cost efficient we are able to provide our Reliable Guarantee and our $25 refer a friend program. We appreciate your business and love to reward your loyalty!

Giving Back to the Community

The Reliable Moving Company believes it is our charge to volunteer and help those who are in need.  Each year we give back to the united way, junior achievement, and we sponsor various sports teams. It is our mission to be a part of the community and serve those around us. For inquires about the type of donations or sponsorships we offer, please reach out to .